We provide world class consulting solutions tailored to address the local needs of our clients by leveraging our network of associates from across the world. All our consultants have several years of practical experience and focus on helping our clients successfully apply business knowledge to create value. We combine our technical expertise with an effective project methodology resulting in a very high project success rate.


HR Services – Special projects

We provide full support services to your HR team at the admin, strategy and project levels.  Each workstream is treated as a full project with a focus on ensuring the project objectives are achieved with minimal disruption to your business as usual and to employee morale.  Services in this portfolio include:

  • Developing your HR Strategy
  • Developing your HR policies and procedures
  • Maintenance of the policy documents
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Job evaluation
  • Job grading
  • Pay scale and grade structuring
  • Assessment centre design and implementation
  • Staff training & development

In all cases, we work closely with the HR department and all key stakeholders to develop fit for purpose solutions.

Our project management approach ensures you are kept fully apprised of progress and issues as they arise with timely solutions to ensure minimal impact on the key performance indicators and success criteria.