Payroll Services


Together with our partner firm – Abstracus Chartered Accountants -  your organisation’s payroll will be administered by professional accountants and human resource specialists. 


We ensure at all times that your payroll is administered in a timely manner under strictly confidential conditions.

Accuracy & Compliance

Payroll specialists ensure full regulatory compliance with regard to taxes, reporting, pensions and timing of payments.  

Our maker/checker operations ensure all data input is checked for accuracy.

Human Resource Information System

Our payroll service is powered by our HR Information System (HRIS), and your payroll data is stored in the HRIS and held secure.   Our HRIS gives your Bank access to the full functionality of the system at no additional costs.  Functionality available are outlined in section 3.

Employee Self Service

Staff have access to the HRIS and can access their historical payslips.  They can book their leave and submit the leave request to the relevant manager for approval.  They can view the department’s leave schedule, access human resource policies, job descriptions and any other documents uploaded by HR.

24/7 Accessibility

Access to the ESS is not restricted by location or time.  Staff may access the system any day and anytime using their preferred device. 

There is no need for investment in special equipment or software.

Cost effective and pay-as-you-go

When you sign-up with us, there will be no need for investment in ICT equipment or software licenses.  We ensure that the software is kept up-to-date with the most recent technologies with no effect on your investment or the service levels.

Our services are provided at an affordable fee with no hidden fees or contract problems.   The service fee is applied on a monthly basis and you only pay for the service package that best suits your needs.

We will support your team to prepare the data required to deliver the selected service.   For this, a once-off set-up administration fee is applied.

Service Levels

We agree service levels with your team.  Updates to staff information are applied to agreed service levels and payrun cycles are completed within a guaranteed timeframe.

HR Services - Staff Outsourcing

We provide outsourced staff to companies based on agreed skills requirements.  This allows the company to focus on it's core activities.  We have a database of highly skilled staff at various levels and provide the necessary training to enable them add value to your company.