Business Simulations

Bizliteracy provides a wide range of online simulations which are utilised world-wide as an innovative vehicle for providing people with a working knowledge of business.

Our business simulation empower participants to run their own virtual businesses. Just like in real life, the teams compete against each other in order to gain market share. The right decisions lead to success while the wrong ones to invaluable problem solving experiences. The learning process of your course or training is guaranteed to be efficient and fun.

A key philosophy of our training technology is that delegates discover, as opposed to being told, what the key business realities and issues are, leading to a very high level of belief in those realities.

Benefits of Simulations

Participants are actively engaged, no matter what their level of education, more than traditional classroom exercises, demonstrations, or videos.

Simulations reinforce adult learning principles and provide multiple “Aha’s” relevant to your workplace.

High direct participation builds greater ownership in learning outcomes.

Participants really enjoy themselves, and unlike role plays, participants do not have to “act.” The behaviours, emotions, personalities and ethical motives which guide their decisions are their own.

The statistics speak for themselves: The learning retention rate of a standard lecture is only 5%. Give someone the chance to practice by applying their knowledge, and their retention jumps to 75% to 80%.

Soft Skills

Our comprehensive soft skills workshops support your workforce improve their people skills and personal effectiveness. Participants leave the sessions with practical tools and skills to help them develop positive attitudes and get along with people in the workplace and become leaders as opposed to managers.

We understand that each company has its own ethos and work with your human resource specialists to tailor our workshops to fit the unique needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss your needs or any of our trending and bestseller workshops.

  • Business Etiquette and Personal Presentation
  • Communicating for Results
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Mastering High Impact Presentations
  • Developing High Performing Teams
  • Leading Others
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict in The Work Place
  • Performance Management and Appraisals
  • Personal Effectiveness

for the financial services industry

Our functional skills workshops cover essential knowledge areas for the banking professional. All sessions are highly interactive and purposefully designed to assist the participant to develop a practical understanding of the theory and how to apply it in the workplace. Call us to discuss your institution.

  • Assets & Liability Management and the role of ALCO
  • Bank Financial & Risk Management (Powered By A Banking Simulation)
  • Business Acumen & Financial Literacy
  • Credit Analysis and Risk Management
  • Financial Data Analysis and Modelling – Using Advanced Excel
  • Financial Crime and Fraud Awareness
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Loan Documentation Masterclass
  • Operational Risk Management